Our Chalets

Harwyn Cattery are approved for 44 cats by New Forest District Council.  We have 22 Chalets including 2 isolation pens.

All chalets are larger than average allowing plenty of room for your cat to exercise.  All chalets are cleaned to the highest standards between visitors and all bedding is washed and disinfected.

Chalets have two rooms which comprise of an outdoor area for your cat to watch the wildlife and exercise, and has its very own heated “bedroom” providing a warm and cosy environment, even on the coldest nights.  Our chalets are furnished with cosy blankets, bed and some toys to keep your cat amused.

We are happy to continue with whatever food your pet enjoys and we make sure that they are cared for as well as they are at home.

Our Prices

1 Cat

£17.00 per night

2 Cats

£21.00 per night

All our prices include accommodation, heating, bedding and food. Prices are per night. 

There is a minimum charge of £50, even for two night stays. 20% deposit required on booking (non-refundable).