Prices & Services


1 cat – £17.00

2 cats – £21.00

(sharing one chalet)

All our prices include accommodation, heating, bedding and food.

There will be an additional charge of £1 per night between November and February.

Prices are per night.

There is a minimum charge of £50, even for two night stays.

20% deposit required on booking (non-refundable).


At Harwyn, all cat chalets are larger than the average sized chalet, allowing plenty of room for your cat to exercise. It goes without saying that there is no mixing of cats from different families. Each chalet comprises of an outdoor area for your cat to ‘wildlife watch’ and exercise and its very own heated ‘bedroom’ providing a warm and cosy place for cats to do what cats do best!- sleep! All chalets are furnished with cosy blankets, beds and some toys to keeps your cats amused.

Each chalet has two cat flaps linking your cats run to their ‘bedroom.’ In doing so, even the “old & infirm” guests are able to easily access both areas of their holiday home without the need to jump up and down to their litter tray or feeding areas.

Health & Hygiene

Each cat chalet is separated from the next so there is no direct contact between cats from different families.

Each chalet is cleaned to a high standard on a daily basis and disinfected between bookings. As a result, we are proud of our ongoing record of keeping our boarders healthy and contented.

All cats must be vaccinated against feline flu and enteritis before boarding with us at Harwyn. We also ask to see their vaccination record upon arrival. If we are unable to see their vaccination record, we regret to say that your cat will be unable to board with us.


At Harwyn, we normally feed the cats twice daily – morning and evening – but are happy to feed kittens, old cats and cats with special needs as often as needed. We provide most wet and dry food.

Every cat boarding with us here at Harwyn is treated as an individual, therefore we keep to their usual food and routine as possible.

The cost of food for your cat is included in the boarding cost. However, in the case of your cat needing a specialty diet or prescription food, we are unable to offer a discounted boarding price and ask you to provide your cats feed.


We would like to capture your cat enjoying their time with us, therefore we endeavour to upload any pictures of our boarders onto our Facebook page.  If you would like to view and download the photos of your cat on holiday, please click on the link below.  

If you would like to “like” or “share” our page we would be very grateful.  If you wish for any photos of your cat to be removed from our Facebook page, please do let us know. 

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